UPDATE: On May 22, 2019 the NYS Democratic Party voted and…

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Let ALL NY Democrats VOTE in the 2020 Presidential Primary!

Urgent deadline: submit comments by May 18, 2019


Registered voters will NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE in New York's 2020 Presidential Primary if they apply to join the Democratic Party after October 11, 2019. A full six months before the Primary! This is the LONGEST waiting period in the ENTIRE country. Is there a way to welcome these new Democrats into the Party, without forcing them to sit on the sidelines during this critical election?



The New York State Democratic Committee can end this voter suppression this month, but only if they hear from Democrats like US by May 18th. 



Tell the NYS Democratic Party to adopt the LET ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE AMENDMENT.


The LET ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE AMENDMENT changes the NYS Democratic Party’s 2020 Delegate Selection Plan to guarantee that all New York voters who apply to join the Democratic Party at least 25 days before the 2020 NY Presidential Primary get to VOTE in that Primary. No legislative action is required—the Party has the right to make this rule for its Primary.

Changing party affiliation 25 days prior to an election is the national average, it matches NY's voter registration deadline, and it complies with the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) new rule that switching parties needs to be easy.

Here’s what you need to do



Submit Comments - DEADLINE May 18, 2019

If you are a registered Democrat in NY, the most effective action you can take is to submit comments on the NYS Democratic Committee’s 2020 Delegate Selection Plan.

In your comments, urge the State Committee to CHANGE the Delegate Plan and adopt the LET ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE AMENDMENT at their meeting on May 22, 2019. We must guarantee that all New York voters who apply to join the Democratic Party at least 25 days before the 2020 NY Presidential Primary get to VOTE in that Primary.

Be sure to mention the LET ALL DEMOCRATS VOTE AMENDMENT by name in your comments!

When you submit your comments, if you don’t see a category that describes you, select “Other” and add your details (for example, “Registered Democrat” or “Town Committee Member”).

Clicking the button below will take you to the NYS Democratic Party’s google form titled, “2020 NYS Delegate Selection Plan - Public Comments.” Your comments will be shared with the State Party and Democratic National Committee.

  • Get more details on the Amendment here.

  • Read the full NYSDC 2020 Delegate Selection Plan here.

You can also mail your comments (postmarked on or before May 18) to the New York State Democratic Committee, 82 Nassau St #410, New York, NY 10038.



Step 2

Spread the Word…

Share a link to this website LetAllDemsVote.org on social media (hashtag #LetAllDemsVote).

Download and share this image on social media and in emails to friends and colleagues.


Download and print this flyer to take to Democratic committee meetings and activist events (here’s a black and white version).



Step 3

Contact your State Committee Reps

If you want to personally reach out to your representatives on the NYS Democratic Committee about this issue, but don’t know how to contact them, let us know and we’ll help you get connected.


New Democrats in New York shouldn't have to sit on the sidelines.


If the NY State Democratic Committee does not take steps to establish a 25-day party change deadline, the DNC could take away some of NY's delegates to the Democratic National Convention, leaving NY Democrats with less say in the choice of our Party’s nominee for President.

We have the power to get this done if we act NOW.